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Services Provided

We counsel you towards the right career while carefully taking care of your interests and financial situation. An old proverb "Opportunity never knocks the door twice". One right step in the right direction at the right time can change anyone’s destiny. Also we believe that a good career choice and timely admission through the proper channel can boost your future prospects in more ways than one.
This is where the usp of EA-Z educational consultants lies. Trust EA-Z Education consultancy to do the needful for you. We analyze your priorities and try to give you the best possible customized solution. We hope that this would be something that would take away all your tensions and build your never ending trust upon us. Give us one chance and we promise not to let you down. Remember we don’t build careers we build success stories.
  • Help students and parents to select / choose the right course.
  • Provide  fees and financial outlay for the course and expenditure.
  • Choose the right institution and university for further / higher studies.
  • Provide the best educational experience in India and Abroad for a excellent career.
  • Visa Assistance for the Students applying to Foreign Universities.
  • Provide a range of courses in every fileld possible MBBS , Engineering, Computers, Law, etc....offered at the different colleges and universities.
  • Offer the best Colleges and Universities that provides international standard facilities. All of the course programmes are at a par with international and
  • Global Standard Universities for quality education.
  • Guide students in all their educational related activities to excel and gain more out of the course studied.
  • Assist parents and students to pick up institutions that are educationally sound, and promising for their childrens to success in life.
  • Besides just giving information  on the courses, colleges and universities we do more. We make sure that the course that you choose is definitely secured just for you and not someone else. Also we do recommend what you will be better suited for and how, by making more than just one admission enquiry. 
  • Accomodations Services
  • Finding accomodations can be hard if you are new in a distance place. So you can either opt to stay in the campus of the college or university that you are studying or either you can stay in a rent a apartment with few of your colleagues near the campus.
  • Exploring technology
Technology plays a vital role in the modern education, computers in the calss rooms, Wi-Fi connections around the campuses, plus you can take advantage of these options to excel in your studies and keep close with your families and loved ones.